Adapt (Autographed)

Adapt (Autographed)

Disruption is Coming to Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. Are you ready?


Publication date: March 2020
ISBN: 9780999769034

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Adapt invites the consideration of everyone who touches the commercial real estate brokerage industry. Real-estate owners, property managers, investors, lenders, users, venture capitalists, academic institutions, and all the peripheral vendors who interact with commercial real estate agents will benefit from thinking about the future of those agents. Many of these allied groups will be affected by—or potentially advance—the imminent disruption of the industry. The future that I examine will affect all these stakeholders.

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Disruption ahead. Are you ready?

Disruption is all around us. Things are changing rapidly. The pace of change is quickening. You can feel it every day—in your personal life and in your work in the commercial real estate arena.

Best-selling author Blaine Strickland examines nine forces that he believes are poised to disrupt your world. You are already aware of some of the changes underway, and you’ll find valuable insight into those changes. Other forms of change are less apparent, and Strickland alerts you to their potential for disruption.

In this book, Strickland organizes these forces into three groups:

  • The transformation of our clients
  • The activities of the biggest players in the arena
  • The demographic evolution of our work force

As you walk through these ideas with the author, you will find yourself alarmed, amused, challenged, and encouraged. You can use this information to measure, prepare for, and integrate the creative destruction that accompanies disruption.

Strickland gained these insights over a lifetime in the industry while playing many different roles, and then he sharpened them through research, reading, attending conferences, interviewing key players, and exposing his ideas to focus groups. This is a unique set of ideas and recommendations, bolstered by evidence, anecdotes, and real-life examples.

Your best preparation is awareness. Read on!

Publisher: Resourceful Pub, LLC
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H. Blaine Strickland is the personal coach to several of the country’s top-producing commercial real estate agents and brokerage firms. His tremendous depth of experience as a broker, manager, owner, developer, syndicator, and consultant over a forty-year career in the commercial real estate arena enable him to provide a broad perspective and deep expertise to his clients.

Along this lifetime journey in the commercial real estate arena, Blaine has also become a professional educator and speaker. He has instructed real estate students at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels, and he is frequently called upon to present his ideas at trade association forums across the country.

To learn more about Blaine or to engage him as a speaker, please visit

Home Town: Orlando, FL
Birthplace: USA
Education: Undergraduate & Graduate Degrees in Real Estate / University of Florida

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