Ten Prescriptions for Exceptional Performance as a Commercial Real Estate Agent


Publication date: April 2018
ISBN: 9780999769003

You have already experienced some success—and are capable of much more. This book contains the prescriptions to the challenges that you have faced (or will) as you take the next step up the ladder. You may find that every prescription applies to you today, or you might find the one gem that propels you to new heights.

Author Blaine Strickland, an expert dealmaker, coach and instructor, gives you proven strategies to accelerate your commercial real estate brokerage career.

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• Become a dominant force in your market
• Build a team around you
• Run your operation as a business

Using these best practices, you can expect to outperform your peers, enjoy deeper relationships with your clients and associates, and build a durable income stream for your family.

Strickland earned these insights through a lifetime in the commercial real estate industry. You’ll find seasoned wisdom, real life examples, specific instructions and empathetic counseling in these pages. Why not take advantage of all his experience and let him act as your personal sales manager? TRULY EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE IS JUST AHEAD!

Publisher: Resourceful Pub, LLC
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H. Blaine Strickland is the personal coach to several of the country’s top-producing commercial real estate agents and brokerage firms. His tremendous depth of experience as a broker, manager, owner, developer, syndicator, and consultant over a forty-year career in the commercial real estate arena enable him to provide a broad perspective and deep expertise to his clients.

Along this lifetime journey in the commercial real estate arena, Blaine has also become a professional educator and speaker. He has instructed real estate students at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels, and he is frequently called upon to present his ideas at trade association forums across the country.

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Home Town: Orlando, FL
Birthplace: USA
Education: Undergraduate & Graduate Degrees in Real Estate / University of Florida

Blaine Strickland's approach will result in a successful CRE Brokerage career for you if you follow his roadmap!

I know the author Blaine Strickland personally and his book captures the essence of what is needed for success in an industry that I've been in for over 40 years. I am still passionate about the excitement of helping clients achieve their real estate goals and marvel at the financial benefits that CRE agents receive.

Managers: make this required reading for your agents and discuss at your sales meetings over the next few weeks. (I like to assign a chapter to an agent and then have them "report and discuss with others for a training topic" at the next morning sales meeting)

Agents: read it cover to cover and let Blaine be your mentor. Plant yourself in a company that has a culture of entrepreneurship, collaboration and strong ethics and there is no limit to the success Commercial Real Estate brokerage can bring to you and your family.


Concepts in this book absolutely work!

Blaine has been my mentor for over 35 years. He is one of the best technicians and teachers in the
business. The concepts in this book absolutely work. Read this book and implement his prescriptions
if you want truly exceptional performance.


Clear and Effective Practices to Build Your CRE Business

I had Blaine as a CCIM instructor and was struck by the clarity and directness of his teaching. Every segment of his teaching covered not just the topic, but how to effectively use the subject matter in your daily CRE business. Being relatively new to the business, I knew I could use some extra guidance and I couldn't ask for a better coach and guide. His book gets right to the point of each topic just like he does. I highly recommend this book for anyone in the business, no matter your experience level. And top level brokers and firms hire Blaine for the same reasons.


Excellent advice!

As a 25 year veteran myself, it is hard to find the books and advice to sharpen my own tools. This book provides several areas for immediate focus to be able to raise my own bar. There is not a chapter that I can not benefit from. I highly recommend if you are the senior team member.


Great book, right to the important topics

I've been fortunate to have been in some of Blaine's classes and webinars, so I knew the book would be very informative. He gets right to the topics needed. No fluff, just simple problems and prescriptions for solutions. After reading each short chapter, I have new ideas to address tasks that I can do better with greater insights. No doubt this is a great help to my business plan.


Foundational coaching for agents looking to advance.

This is the book that I have been waiting for. I have been in Commercial real estate brokerage for 34 years and I regularly get asked by agents for advice on advancing their careers. Now my response will be to read this book then let’s talk about applying the concepts.


How to succeed in real estate brokerage business.

Thrive is a truly enjoyable read. A lot of factual information for neophytes and veterans alike in real estate brokerage industry. Blaine shares his personal and candid observations which agents and brokers can relate to in daily work. Each chapter states pain, diagnosis and prescription which makes "thrive" a must read.


Thrive is an excellent resource for both the seasoned commercial real estate veteran...

Thrive is an excellent resource for both the seasoned commercial real estate veteran as well as those just breaking into the industry. Blaine does a phenomenal job of explaining some of the more common challenges that commercial real estate advisors face and he presents valuable, easy to implement prescriptions for how to overcome these obstacles. No matter how far along you are in your career you will benefit from Blaine's wisdom and expertise. A must buy for all CRE advisors!


Blaine did a very good job of packing a lot of information into this book

Well done Blaine! As the owner and manager of our brokerage firm, I have challenged everyone to read this book. Regardless if you are new to the business or if you have decades of experience, you will learn something in this book. Blaine did a very good job of packing a lot of information into this book. Each chapter is well laid out for a quick read. I wish I had this information when I started in the business. A must read for anyone in the commercial real estate field.


A must have for any mature CRE agent/broker's career

Blaine's book, Thrive: Ten Prescriptions for Exceptional performance as a commercial real estate agent is phenomenal. There are many challenges that we as CRE agents face, and this book breaks them down, using first hand knowledge and experience to identify them clearly, diagnose them effectively and then offers a clear conscious plan for remedying that which ails you. I highly recommend this book to any and all CRE agents because of the knowledge and insight that Blaine brings in writing it. Each diagnosis may not be relevant to you, right now. But, at some point you'll face one or multiple of these challenges, and having someone who's thought about them, thought about how to work through them and then fix those problems is enlightening and makes you feel like he's right there by your side.


Blaine makes your career path easier to deal with the bumps in the road. Excellent instructor!

Blaine has been an instructor of several of my classes that I have taken working on CCIM. As with the classes, Blaine hits it out of the park with the book. It has real world problems and how to solve them. I strongly recommend it for anyone in real estate as Blaine always comes up with the most unique ways to solve a problem, which will help you think outside the box as you build your career and run into other problems to solve. His book is as good as having in a live class, he covers the information that you need to know and works to help guide you through a great career. It is worth every penny and I hope he writes more.



I was introduced to Blaine by my business coach - the Massimo Group. Blaine and I met the old-fashioned way - via a podcasted interview. I was struck by our similarities both in age and tenure in the commercial real estate business. Blaine's candid approach to the questions posed was an inspiration for me to connect with Blaine on LinkedIn - which he accepted my invitation. I then purchased his book and read the entire thing in one sitting - and I read every word. I would recommend this to anyone in the commercial real estate - or any sales profession for that matter. I particularly like the section on becoming a convener. You will have to buy the book to find out what that means.


I am a near 20 year veteran in the commercial real estate industry

I am a near 20 year veteran in the commercial real estate industry. I have had numerous coaches, and have read most of the standard business building and commercial real estate books. This book takes all of the important components and theories that have proven successful to running a business, and developed them specifically for commercial real estate. A must read for anyone involved in commercial real estate.


I highly recommend checking it out

I've had the true pleasure of watching Blaine develop most of the prescriptions detailed in this book, to my enormous personal benefit over the past 15 years. At his core, Blaine possesses the rare ability to quickly identify a problem and suggest a range of solutions by drawing on his continuous ingestion of knowledge. In Thrive, Blaine succinctly shares the most common problems he has encountered within the commercial real estate brokerage industry and provides a number of pathways for maximizing your performance as a salesperson, manager, and/or teammate. For anyone interested in quickly increasing the value of their time (and hopefully their income), I highly recommend checking it out.


Great way to keep me focused

The book is excellent and a great way to help keep me focused. I am still reading it and go back to earlier pages in the book for motivation. 


Blaine has been a game changer for our business

Blaine has been a game changer for our business. After years of being in the rat race working IN my business, Blaine has been instrumental on helping our group work take a step back to work ON our business. Thrive gets right to the point to advise brokers how they can be strategic to exponentially increase their business to be at the top of their game.


Buy it, read it, then buy as many copies as you can afford for your agent colleagues, team members, etc.

This doesn't teach you how to do well in commercial real estate. This teaches you how to absolutely dominate in the field. Mr. Strickland hit it on the head with this one. He explains away all the reasons and excuses for why most agents think they can't grow their business. Then he explains the reasons for building the right team and how to do it successfully. Every big dog commercial broker today has a team. He also teaches you how to run your sales profession as a business. Brokers are only as good as their pipeline of business and Strickland shows you how to build that pipeline. I highly encourage you to read this book and more importantly, as owner/broker of a business myself, you should buy a copy for as many of your agents as you can.


Actionable Rx for Business Pains

Blaine masterfully outlines actionable steps to becoming a successful broker. Task organization, prioritization and delegation are critical to efficiently and effectively utilizing our most valuable resource - our time - and as a manager on a brokerage team I was able to implement a number of his prescriptions to the pains in our business plan.


Great Advice

I found this book to give sensible advice to "young guys" like myself in the real estate business. I would definitely recommend Thrive to anyone who feels as if they have plateaued and looking for an answer to become a more efficient agent. Thrive offers guidance on how to implement the most effective strategies in your life to dominate the market you serve.


Want to succeed in CRE? Read and practice these 10 Prescriptions over and over!

I have known Blaine for over 30 years and have admired him for being a thought leader, producer and motivator who instinctively brings out the best in people. His 10 Prescriptions are a culmination from his vast experience and knowledge gained that when practiced will no doubt bring success. If you are serious about mastering your "craft", I recommend you read this book!


Extremely helpful

Aptly addresses many of the issues I confront in my own business and brokerage and I have already started to implement some of his “prescriptions” with enthusiasm. Five Stars! Having thoroughly enjoyed “Thrive”, I am now eager to also read some of the books Blaine has identified in Appendix C, “Books That Have Been Meaningful to Me”.


This book is the essential road map to success in commercial real estate

This book is the essential road map to success in commercial real estate. Blaine has provided a well written and thoughtful explanation of how to do more than succeed, he explains what you need to do to THRIVE.


After reading Blaine's book I feel I am more well ...

After reading Blaine's book I feel I am more well prepared to identify and solve problems which are preventing me from growing my business. I think many of the topics covered could apply not only to Commercial Real Estate but also Residential real estate.


Excellent lessons for business and life beyond commercial real estate

Excellent lessons for business and life beyond commercial real estate. Practical real world applications from an insightful author show the value of his experience.